I’ve been tutoring math consistently since 2007, when I started working with individuals and small groups of struggling students in Boston University’s Educational Resource Center. I’ve always enjoyed the educational process, and I seemed to have a knack for helping others understand mathematical ideas.

In 2010, I learned the hard way that a PhD stipend doesn’t get you very far in Berkeley, California, so I worked one-on-one with students consistently during the two years I was a Cal graduate student. One semester, I also worked as a Teaching Assistant for about 50 undergraduates preparing to apply to the Haas School of Business - a real treat! (It was closer to 70 students if you count the students assigned to other TAs who decided to attend my discussions and office hours instead.)

After leaving Berkeley’s PhD program in 2012 to pursue other interests and return to South Florida, one of my former math teacher at Pine Crest asked me if I would be willing to help a PC senior with Calculus. She finished both semester with an A+ average and earned a 5 on her AP exam, and the rest is history - I run a one-man tutoring company and help busy, success-oriented students in top educational institutions succeed academically. For more information, check out the Wall of Fame!